Switch turns itself off?

I have a plug-in switch for a mini-fridge so I can turn it iff to defrost once a week.
I started with a simple rule to turn off at 4am and on at 5. This worked, but it was daily.
I started playing with the rule machine and set it up to operate only once a week, and removed the simple rule.
Now, the switch is turning itself off daily, and not at the same time?
I looked at the activity log and see where I turned it on (digital activation). I also see when it’s turned off, and it says the activation is manual (although the switch is behind the fridge and inaccessible).
Anyone have an idea what’s happening? Btw, I’m new to Hubitat so it’s VERY possible I did something.

If you browse to the device settings page for that switch, at the bottom you should see an “in use by” section. That lists all Hubitat apps that are doing something to that switch.

Also is this switch exposed to Alexa by chance?


Mark gave good advice, and sorta off track but my thinking is an hour is not long enough to change the temperature to allow any ice buildup to melt. We defrosted a minifridge at work and it took at least 2 hours with the door open.

If you have shared the device to Alexa or Google then that might be your culprit. If you would never use it for voice control I would remove it from the Alexa/Google Hubitat apps to stop sharing it. Alexa has two features that will auto-control your devices. Hunches and Guard. Hunches will notice that usually a device is off at a certain time and then start doing it for you (ex if you go to bed and leave the lights on). Guard has a feature to control the lights when you are away (with Guard mode enabled) to make it look like you are home. It is possible Alexa has assumed your plug is attached to a light.

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Ok, it was connected to Alexa-I’ve removed it now.
Here’s part of a log showing the seemingly random times it turns off ‘physically ’
Oops, it won’t allow me to embed pictures :unamused:…basically, it showed the switch physically turning off yesterday at 1:03 am, I turned it on through Hubitat at 12:33 pm, and it again turned off at 11:28 pm (or 23:28 for less confusion).

Yeah one of the reasons we ask people who have alexa to check hunches when lights mysteriously turn on and off...

Did anything else show up in the in use by section?

It also listed the Hubitat-Alexa connection…I removed that too. Also listed were Action Tiles and my dashboard…I left those in place.