Switch to automate garage door

Hello everyone,

So I've had my HE for a few months now and all I've done was added sensors around the house to keep track of what's open/close. Most of them are the ST multipurpose senor, a ST plug and a Zooz motion sensor. I've also purchased a pair of Sonos One speakers to add Alexa into the mix. So far everything is working fine but now I want to automate my garage door. The things I want to accomplish are:

  1. Open/close the garage door via Alexa and with the HE dashboard.
  2. Alexa or a notification to alert me when the garage door is open more than x mintues and once it is closed the alert/notification stops.
  3. To stop Alexa/notification when the garage door is open more than x minutes because I purposely left it open doing yard work or what not.

I've been looking into the Sonoff switch to accomplish the open/close aspect but are there other better or cheaper devices to do this?

#2 and 3 are probably going to need to be done in RM but since I'm still new to HE I hope to get some help from the community with this :wink:

Any other recommendations for garage automation that you got going is greatly appreciated.


In US, look into the MyQ garage door opener. There are discussions on Hubitat on MyQ as well as a community developed integration. You may also need (in either case) a tilt sensor to determine open/closed position.

As far as rules to monitor, use the notification application, not rule machine. It is very straight forward and one notification will do the initial notification as well as stopping after so many notifications.


Thanks Dave for the suggestion.

I already have a sensor on the door (ST multi-purpose) to report the state. Just need something to control the door now :slight_smile:

I'm in Canada but could probably source the MyQ here too. But doesn't that work off of WiFi?? I'd rather keep my system based on Zigbee or Z-wave. Plus that system is more expensive than just a Sonoff zigbee switch.

That's great I can just use the notification app. Much easier to do than RM :+1: I find it hard to wrap my head around RM for some reason..lol

I was able to purchase the Sonoff ZBR3 to use as a remote to open/close the garage door (couldn't pass it up..price was super cheap).

Now I know there are youtube videos on how to mod the WiFi switch to just activate the relay to simulate a button push and not have the output at 120V but I can't find any info on how to do it with the ZBR3.

Does anyone have any info on this?? WOuld like to get this up and running on the weekend :slight_smile: