Switch Reactivatioin Delay

Is there a way to keep a switch from being reactivated for a set time say 15 seconds or so after it has just been activated.

Physically, or from a rule/app?

From a rule.

You could use a global variable. Have it turn on when the switch is activated. Have it turn off after 15 seconds.
Have the switch only turn on if the GV is turned off.

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Sounds simple enough even though I've never even used global variables I might have to figure out how to use that tonight :joy:

Can you post a screenshot of the rule?

And do you want a button or something else to disable the reactivation in addition to this? Or just stop activating/triggering the rule for 15 seconds?

Switch turned on

If variable is true Then Exit Rule
Set variable to true
Set variable to false -> delayed 0:00:15
...do stuff...

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I would like the button device to not be able to receive commands for 15 sec after it last activation.

I think @dadarkgtprince and @pietsnot nailed it.

But you probably could do something similar to this using another virtual switch. The virtual switch has an auto-off setting, you could do your 15 second delay with that. Evaluate whether the VS is on or off, and set the switch on every time the rule is triggered. Exit the rule if VS is on.

But the variable method is less messing around and creating new devices.

You trying to prevent false triggers of this rule or something? And it looks like you are trying to close your garage door without directly exposing the GD controller to Alexa for some reason?

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