Switch not working - but Hubitat "sees" it

I have an Inovelli Red dimmer connected to hot, neutral and ground. I have a rule that when I turn it on (button 1 push) it should turn on the light that is connected to an Inovelli fan + light. It had been working, but has now stopped. I did a graceful shutdown and reboot (that helped a bunch of other switches as everything seemed to be getting sluggish) but not this. The fan + light is in the same room as my hub and this switch is just on the other side of the wall, so distance isn't a problem.

I don't know how to read the logs, but when the switch is pushed I can tell Hubitat sees it, because the below actions appeared in my live log.

I pulled the air gap on the outside switch (the one that isn't working), waited over 30 seconds and then pushed it back in. When I did that the light came on and stayed on and the fan came on for a second and then turned back off. I turned the light off from inside and then turned it on from outside one time. That worked, but the outside switch didn't work to turn it off, and when I turned it off from inside I couldn't turn it back on from outside. So pulling the air gap only worked to turn it on that one time.

Help please.

Do you have some weird 3 way wiring going on? Normally you would leave the pull chains in the on position on the fan itself and use the switch & canopy module to handle everything. In your description it seems You have a 3 way situation going on. If so it may be wired incorrectly and a specific combination of switch positions are causing your issue. If this is not the case and you've only got one switch going (which is how it should be) then the fault is likely at the switch level. I would 1st cut power to the switch via the breaker (not just the air gap) to be sure it's been powered down and then power back up and try it. If this doesn't resolve the issue then I would exclude it from HE, factory reset it and re pair it with HE. If this too does not resolve it, likely the switch is bad and you'll need to contact Innovelli for a replacement under warranty (if it is under warranty still) They may also have some other suggestions.