Switch Not Turning Off When Others Do?

Need some help. I have a Leviton Decora switch that controls my front porch lights. I have a rule that turns on the front porch, the garage outside lights, and my 2nd garage outside lights. They turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. For the last 4-5 days everything turns on as it should but the garage lights turn off at sunrise while the porch stays on. I've ran a z wave repair 3 straight days but not having a effect. In fact this morning one of my leviton outlets (thats nearest to the porch switch) also didn't turn off. Almost like the mesh is getting weaker not stronger. I did unplug my hub so we’ll see if that helps in the morning?

First, I do hope you did a safe shutdown and didn't just unplug it.
When you typically see this behavior, it's because you either have something interfering with your mesh or weak communication. How many devices do you have connected to HE?
Did you check in the device driver and confirm that the switch didn't get added to a different rule inadvertently and is being used in a way that's keeping it on? That's happened to me on several occasions when I rushed through creating a rule.
Are you using rule machine or simple automations?

  1. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of any shut down procedure so I simply just unplugged the power cord.
  2. I figured it was a simple mesh issue which is why I ran the repairs but the switch that’s having the problem turns on as it should. It just doesn’t turn off when the others do.
  3. I checked the device and it’s in everything that it should be.
  4. Using simple automations. I did switch the rule to the individual switches instead of the group name. Not sure if it matters since the rule was working turning on the switches. Just not turning the one off of the 3.

I also just did the latest update so maybe that’ll help.

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Try putting it in a rule by itself and see if it behaves the same. I remember that there were issues with "popcorn" effects with lights and as a result groups and scenes was born. This may be happening in your case.
Just for future, in the settings menu there is a shut down hub option. Should use that. Sudden loss of power is not good on the HE database. Does bad things.

Thanks for the help. Made the changes and everything’s worked the last few days!