Switch from ST to Hubitata - Support of device

Hi All,

I currently use Smartthing. I choose that controller because of the wide variety of supported devices. However I have lots of issues with ST, won't go in the details of that. But looking for something local.

I checked all my z-wave and Zigbee devices with support to Hubitat. Most are support however some are not listed. Like: Frient. very good and affordable zigbee devices. Is there also an option to add generic Zigbee devices like with ST. I have like 8 windows/door sensors and 3 motion sensors so Its kind of a waste if I need to replace them all.

So 1 how big is the chance I can add those, 2 does anyone have any experience with Frient incombination with Hubitat?

Thanks for your help!


I don't know about Frient specifically, but generally if it works with ST then it either works by default in Hubitat, or requires some minimal changes.

I expect it will be able to use one of the default drivers in Hubitat from the looks of it, hence will work by default, but probably only 95% sure, based on what I can find in ST forums (which is minimal)...

I have a hubitat hub and one frient door sensor as yet unable to find a driver that allows the frient sensor to work I think I have tried all default contact sensor drivers no luck yet

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Okay thanks for the information, then its not yet the right time for me to move to hubitat

Anyone knows when support will be included? Is it on the roadmap?

Generally all it takes for us to support a currently available product that doesn't work out of the box is us having a sample to work with.
Quite often if customers reach out to the manufacturer to request support, the manufacturers will send us samples of current stock, which we then test out and verify, this is the best route since we then get an inside contact should we have any questions, and they can add is to their works with advertising.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. I have posted a message on their facebook page (could not find any other way to contact them ). But I don't think they will move based on my message only.

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