Switch/Button To Cancel HSM water/smoke alerts

Question - when you are using HSM for only smoke or water alerts, you do not get the option to configure custom alert cancelling, like you do when HSM is configured for intrusion alerts.

Is there still a way to define a switch/button to cancel alerts for only smoke/water alerts? If so, how would one do that when the option doesn't appeazr in HSM if you aren't doing intrusion alerts?

@bravenel ?

When you are not using intrusion alerts this is what the page looks like (notice no "configure arming/disarming/cancel options"):

Here is with intrusion alerts:


You can do it from RM as button or button device.

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Thanks, that should work. I saw the Arm/Disarm HSM selection, but never bothered to look at what specific actions could be done.

This is all I see when try to make a rule in RM4. What am I missing?

Did you pick Arm/Disarm HSM? You will see more option in the next drop down. That is the only menu that mentions HSM. It's a good bet that it's in there.

Ah thank you.

Thanks! That worked really well.
Is there a way to also show the current alert state, like turning the button tile red?
Something like a virtual "button with LED" device where RM would turn the LED on when there are alarms.

The current arm state is available if you use the HSM tile template.

Yes. But just like @JasonJoel, I only use HSM for water, smoke and batteries. So the HSM tile always shows red/disarmed no matter what.

Then I don't understand the question? If you get a water alert, it has alerted.

Yes of course. But how do I turn a tile red in the dashboard?

You can't.