Swidget Outlets

I was waiting to see if anyone else would bring this up, but I purchased and installed 5 Swidget outlets about two weeks ago...

They were able to pair but Hubitat saw them as just generic devices. I switched the driver over to the Generic Smart Switch and they seem to work just fine...

Anyway, I figured I'd post and include the fingerprint so the HE folks could look into including official support at some time...

  • deviceType: 1
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x85,0x59,0x72,0x25,0x73,0x32,0x9F,0x55,0x6C,0x56,0x22,0x5A,0x60,0x8E
  • deviceId: 1
  • manufacturer: 837

Dang - that's a very pricy outlet.

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I have a couple from their Kickstarter but have not gotten around to installing them yet. Just having trouble trying to figure out where two outlets would do me the most good, as opposed to the plugs and such I have put in the meantime.

I liked the idea of the combo nightlight/z-wave center... I have them in hallways and they are actually pretty cool. Hopefully they last...

I did buy a z-wave model and even though it says z-wave+, the local button presses are not getting sent back to the hub.

I've tried "generic z-wave switch" and "generic z-wave smart switch" but neither worked. It does work digitally just fine and i was able to add it to the z-wave poller. Just bugs me that it acts like a non + switch.

I bought one with the Power Outage light + Z-Wave module for testing. I've been trying to find a turn-key power outage monitor solution. The Z-wave control works fine, but the Z-Wave component isn't battery-backed with the light so it cannot report a loss of AC power. In my testing I was also not able to get any power usage readouts.

The fortrezz momo2+ device is able to reliably report loss of power at the time power is removed, this is exposed in the Hubitat driver via the tamper capability.
The mimoLite is also purported to support this as well, however in my testing such was not the case.

Thanks. I even asked Swidget's support about the feature and they said yes.