Swapping router with same settings

I have a router in use and am replacing it with a better model (same brand). Anyone see any issues with just unplugging the switch from the old router and plugging it into the new one? Settings from old mirrored to new (IP, dhcp ranges, port forwards etc,).

Current setup:
Router > Switch > Rest of Network

Since you have mirrored the dhcp reservation you will be fine.

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Thanks, I wish they had an option to export settings to the other router just to make sure I didn't goof on mirroring the settings.

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I would go into the new router and update the firmware and do all the settings first before swapping with the old one. This will at least give you better chance of getting everything up and working.

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Two weeks ago I moved my dhcp from my cable modem to a small edge router that allows exporting/importing the list. Prior to this I had to maintain my list in an xls because my cable modem sucks and the list has to be maintained in their cloud.

Funny I did that at home but from a Century Link modem to an ER-X also just about a couple of months ago :slight_smile:

Yes @eibyer, I got the ER-X

I have a 500mbps down / 20mbps up connection and with the deep packet analysis turned off and Hosts only analysis turned on it seems to keep up ok. I am still debating if I should have gone with an ER-4.

I find that no matter which model I buy from a line-up, I pretty much always do the "Hmmm...should I have gotten the other one?!" dance in my head. :wink: I've been very happy w/my Edgerouter, for me it's been completely set it and forget it.

You may have already seen these, but to feed your post-purchase turmoil: :slight_smile:

Model comparison table:

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It's almost the case for most anything tech. One reason I was swayed towards the ER-X is the dual wan capability, the best pricing I could find with the features.

The other one that I'm replacing at another location is a Peplink Balance 20, swapping that out with a Balance One Core.

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LOL...so true. :slight_smile:

Wait - didn't you hear about the Balance TWO Hundred Core about to be released?!?!?!


Hah nice try :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the links. I hadn’t seen the last one for sure.

The price difference was just too big between the two. In Canada the er-x is $80 and the er-4 is $250.

Where’s the tiering? I would have went for the $170 option !!

I just don’t want my backbone to be a bottleneck. And I don’t think the er-x fits my normal rule that it will fulfill my needs for a min of three years.

And then I found a thread on here that was talking about some ubquiti pro something or other for $1000+ and new I wasn’t in the same league.

Yeah, there is a pretty big jump in price...and look - $152 used/good condition ER4, jump on it! :wink:

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Thanks. I just switched countries to look. Only the new ones give an option to ship to Canada. I don’t get any used option.

Equates to $315 Canadian.

The er-4 was at $250 CDN with free shipping. Now it’s up to $262. Also looking on newegg. I’ll wait until Black Friday and see if there are any sales on and pull the trigger.

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