Swap Device Network Id's

I have 2 motion sensors, Visonic MP-841's per the device page date model and manufacturer, xfinity XHS1-TY's as they are labeled physically.
Could I change the Device Network Id's (exchange them?) and get away without having to change the RM rules that are using them.
Allowing me to "pull one down, and put another in its place? (battery change on difficult to reach sensor)

This doesn't work with Z-Wave, only Zigbee.


And the sensors are zigbee!


Oh nice. "You're laugh'n", as they say here in Canada.

It worked well, had to use an place holder Id to exchange them.


I'm trying to get the same motion sensor to connect it connected but came up as a Zigbee moisture sensor I changed it to Zigbee motion but it doesn't appear to be working

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Not sure why it came up as a moisture sensor. But have you pushed the configure button on the device page for the sensor after changing the driver?

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Thanks took some time but I got it working.

@brandondpike Hi Brandon, can you provide the steps you took to get the Visonic MP-841 working.

I am using a SmartThings hub, and cannot seem to get it working. I can get it paired but none of the generic drivers in SmartThings is working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey I once I had it added and changed to generic Zigbee motion sensor I set up a test and it took a day for it to start responding, I did some reading and someone said that they did the same to make them work... not really helpful but in this case its what I did

For those of you with a MP-841, how fast does your detect motion? I got one for free and am trying it out, and it seems like it takes A LOT of motion before it signals 'active'.

Basically need to go into the room move around for 2-3 seconds before anything registers.

I have several.
They work much better if, when powered up in place, you walk the pattern of the space that you want it to watch. I think it was start far away, crossing the "view" of the sensor, back and forth while getting closer to the sensor.
These sensors have the fun aspect of triggering and staying active for 5 seconds, and then not re-triggering for 2 min.
Definatly not directly designed for lighting control.
They are nowhere as fast as the Iris V2 zigbee motion sensors.
If I where to guess, about a 1 second delay. Hard to tell, the light on them does not show except in the "walkabout" mode described above.
I pulled one down a week ago, it sits on my desk in front of me, I stand up, the system announces "drive motion active" very quickly.
I pulled it down because I thought it to be not working, I just never walked the area that it was to view. Power down, power up, drop on table, it basically saw me move around for a couple of min. and has been working fine here on the "bench"
Let me know if I can help.
(and thank you for your help and contributions here)