Swap Apps Device

I have a number of rules that are triggered by my z-wave garage door contact sensor. I need to troubleshoot/test/modify these rules.

Can I use the Built-In Swap Apps Device to swap my actual garage door contact sensor with a virtual contact sensor?

Then I would use the custom command to virtually open and close the virtual contact sensor, which would allow me to modify/test/debug my rules. When I’m satisfied the rules are working fine, I would use Swap Apps Device again, but this time swapping the opposite way.

Is this a good use of the Swap Apps Device?

Yes, this seems like a good use for this utility (as long as you swap it back when you're done).

Yes - PLEASE make a backup before you do the swap though. I have seem a few times where the device Data (at the bottom) gets lost when you swap. If it does cause any issues you can always just revert to the backup this way.