Swap Apps Device issue for child devices

Seems like an oversight.. but child devices dont show up for device swap apps.

The issue I am coming across is.. 2 way..
I have a main hub and a secondary hub.. on the secondary hub, I have zooz multi relay, which has 3 child devices.. I use hub mesh to transfer that device to main hub.

I had to replace the zooz multirelay..
in the hub mesh on the main hub.. I used the " Keep current device link" and changed it to the new zooz multi-relay.
when I did that, the parent device transfers over, but it creates 3 new child devices.. instead of remapping the existing child devices..
so I thought no biggie.. I will use the new fancy "Swap Device Apps"... but of course.. you can only swap the "Parent device" and the child devices dont even show up there !.. thats a bummer...

so I have to go into each of the apps using those child devices and manually change all the old devices to the new child devices the old fashioned, painfully slow process !..
anyone know if there is any alternatives currently available ?

Child devices were purposely excluded due to the complexities that are often introduced by the parent child relationship and the dependencies that the developer may introduce.


It's not an oversight and it's been discussed before...

The relationship a child device has to the Parent is entirely arbitrary. Therefore, a swap will break that relationship and have to be recreated. Which is the same as saying, a child swap can be done visually, but a very large part of the time, the relationship will be broken. The question is.. does the UI "pretend" to swap a child, but leave it invisibly broken, or just not allow it?

If you search for "swap child" you'll find some others with the same interest.


And it's in the docs. :grinning: (I know, I know: "booooooring..)


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Cool.. thanks for the info...
So basically no other easy way for to transfer over the mesh devices from old devices to new devices ?

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