supportedFanSpeeds in 2.2.6

No I mean the issue I'm having is with Generic Component Fan Control. I am not getting the same behaviour with SupportedXyz events being absorbed and passed on by the child driver to my dashboard like I'm seeing with Generic Component Thermostat.

Are you seeing the supportedFanSpeeds attribute update in the Current States section on the device page as shown in @bertabcd1234 screenshot above?

Can you clarify what you expect to see on Dashboard and where?

I'm sending speed and switch events exactly like below, and they get sent fine...

myChildDevice.sendEvent([name: "supportedFanSpeeds", value: ["low", "medium", "high", "off"])

but that example code doesn't result in the child driver having the supportedFanSpeeds like you're showing... not sure what to say?

My bad. I was doing something really stupid in my code.

Sorry and figured it out. Everything is working correctly now :roll_eyes:


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