Supported light switches

I am looking for some light switch options. What is everyone using? I

It would be useful to provide more details...

What country? Zwave or zigbee or lutron? Switches only or dimmers too? Need advanced functions like double/triple tap or scenes? Desire programmable LEDs on them to show status of other home automation things? Preference for decora or toggle style?

All that said, I'm a zwave plus kind of guy and have 100% of my switches as ge motion dimmers, ge motion switch, or the non-motion ge zwave plus switch and dimmer models.

I'm in the process of switching out old GE/Jasco Z-Wave on/off switches for Inovelli Red Series Z-Wave Plus switches (I'd defiantly recommend them to anyone in North America as they are cheaper and have a lot more features than many others) I also have replaced a couple of switches with GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmer, on/off switches (because I bought them a while back).

I'll second the above request for more information. From your topic vs. your post, it's also not clear if you're looking for what are supported switches or which of the switches that are supported are popular choices for users. If you're just looking for compatible devices, look here: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation. But in general, almost anything Z-Wave or Zigbee (mostly Zigbee 3.0 or ZHA 1.2--but there aren't as many of these in-wall for some reason) should work. If you're looking for what people use, you'll likely get as many answers as there are switches. :slight_smile: I have preferences based on device features and compatibility (I have some with no neutral at the switch, for example), so more information on what you're looking for would be helpful unless you're just wondering what it supported.

Thanks everyone. I was looking more switches where people are having great experiences. The use case is pretty simple. Basically the use case is simple. I need three wall switches that control my front lights and the lights that go out onto my back porch and back deck. I am using the simple lighting app now to turn on a couple of interior lights 30m before sunset and off and sunrise and want to do something similar with the outside lights.

But are you in the US? Do you have any preferred protocols? (Both of these questions matter because, besides physical aspects of the devices themselves, North American Z-Wave works at a different frequency from several other regions that also have their own, for example. And if they're your only device on this protocol or far from your hub, what repeaters, if any, you have between may come into play.) You'll also want to consider specs of the switch/dimmer and the maximum (and sometimes minimum) load it supports,

Assuming you're looking for in-wall switches, there's only one Zigbee one I can think of (GE/Jasco). I've used it and it works fine but doesn't support as many features as some others. I got them because I wanted to add repeaters to this Zigbee network and the in-wall aspect was appealing to me (again, there are very few of these--but many options for repeaters, like smart plugs). Most are going to be Z-Wave, and I've used several without problem: GE, HomeSeer, Zooz, Inovell, and perhaps others I've lost track of. Some support "scenes" (multi-taps exposed as button events to Hubitat--so you can, say, do a multi-tap gesture to run some other automation of your choosing), and some of these switches can often be found on sale for under $30 (like the Zooz ZEN27 that is currently $27). In my opinion, GE are among the most expensive but least feature-rich, so I haven't bought any in a while (except Zigbee to achieve that specific need).

Lutron's ClearConnect (Caséta, RA2, etc.), mentioned above, is a third protocol to consider, but the price of entry is high (almost $100 for the SmartBridge Pro 2 that you'll need plus the cost of the switch/dimmer) but will allow you to use cheap Pico remotes for any automation (including remote control of lighting) in Hubitat, so it might be worth exploring if you are interested in that. It's also reported as highly reliable.

Your needs or desires my vary. I haven't heard horror stories with most, so whatever you think looks nice, has all the features you want (doesn't seem like that's a big concern here), and is available for a price you're willing to pay are probably what I'd consider besides compatibility with Hubitat. You have a lot of options for sure! If you made me pick, anything from Zooz (they have both paddle and toggle styles, both switches and dimmers, and are often on sale for pretty cheap) or Inovelli (new switches with LED bar you can use for notifications and Red series with optional scene support just came out; dimmers hopefully coming soon) would by my pick. But that's not saying any others are bad--just my preference based on price and features. :slight_smile:


Really depends on your lights. How many are there? How much wattage in total for the front lights, the back porch, and the back deck respectively? Might be that Lutron Caseta would be a good choice, but it requires a Lutron Caseta Pro Bridge to use it. That's not as simple as just adding some Z-Wave switches, but once you have it, you can add Pico remotes anywhere and control smart bulbs via the hub.

If I could join into discussion: can anybody recommend any switches that are available in europe? From what I have found, there are just two variants I can think off, either Xiaomi aquara wall switch (zigbee with community driver) and NEO Coolcam Z-wave touch switch (with native support I guess?).
Anybody has any experience with those?
Any other ideas for EU available wall switches?

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