Support for Rollease Acmeda Motorized Blinds

I have 2 Rollease Acmeda motorized blinds, I'm not entirly sure on the model number, will check with the manufacture tomorrow, but they are one of Li-ion Motors here:

The motors are both connected to an Automate Pulse 2 Hub: The Automate Pulse Hub supports integration with IFTTT and Smartthings. I also have a Smartthings Hub, which has no devices and is not linked yet to HE.

Are there plans for native support in HE?
What are my options for connecting these blinds to Hubitat?
Would it better to use ST linked to HE, or IFTTT?
Any other options?

I can’t speak for hubitat stuff and I’m from the US so not all that familiar with this product. But it looks like since they support cloud integrations, and also high-end home automation platforms like crestron and control4, the likelihood of native hubitat integration is low.

You could look into whether someone, somewhere, has figured out the api that the high-end systems integrate with, which could possibly be accessed by a custom hubitat driver or app.

Or the simplest solution is probably to use IFTTT or Smartthings. In the case of Smartthings, you’d want to link ST to your Hubitat hub with HubConnect


Thanks @marktheknife

Currently Rollease Acmede is having issues with the ST integration (its a new integration for them) I have reached out to them and forwarded the errors I am getting to their devs, hopefully they get it sorted.

Another question, how easily are ST drivers portable to HE? What would be required from Rollease to be able to support HE?

FWIW, they seemed pretty open to an HE integration if it can be done with minimal additional effort from the ST work they have already done.

Some ST drivers can be ported easily to Hubitat, others are not so easy I’m sure. Not being a developer myself, I don’t know much about what makes it easier vs. harder to port, but this thread would be the best starting point:

App and driver porting to Hubitat

I’m curious, did they do an official integration with Smartthings? Or did they create a custom app/device handler and make it available to users?

I've got the same setup as well. If you work out a Hubitat solution let me know. However in the meantime, I think I will get around it by using IFTTT and link that to Hubitat.

You can try these drivers for local control:

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Thanks @Younes ! This is awesome, I'll give this a try right now.

FWIW, I also managed to get Automate to work with HE using HomeBridge on a PI, and then Sharing Virtual Switches with HomeKit, and using Automation to control the shades via HomeKit, its really cumbersome, and can't stop shades midway, so looking forward to testing this driver!

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