Support for GE Appliances (SmartHQ)

So how would we go about converting this to HE? I know 0 about code, but I’m willing to make a donation if someone can get this working.

All I really want is a start/stop notification of my washer and dryer, and a stop notification of my dishwasher. Right now I use virtual switches connected to IFTTT for stop notifications, and I use a power sensor for start notifications of the washer, and Aa SmartDry linked to a virtual ST for a start notification of the dryer. If I could get rid of a power switch, ST and IFTTT that would be awesome.

I am using IFTTT too right now in Hubitat, but it links to a GE Appliances (app) and it doesn't work on the stove at all and only on some items on the fridge.

Any Developers have any GE Smart Appliances and willing to do some coding with the SmartHQ API?

Would love to see this intergration as well. I just picked up a smart washer and dryer.

I posted my Hubitat driver integration for SmartHQ appliances here:

I also listed it in my HPM repo (search for "SmartHQ" using fast search).

Thanks to @albertsmark for their testing help and feedback.

So far, there is basic support for dishwashers, laundry appliances, ovens, and refrigerators.

Supporting different appliance types and attributes/commands is a work in progress, since each one requires some custom work.

See the readme on GitHub for instructions on how to provide the info needed to investigate additional support. Or just post in this thread with any questions or requests.

FYI: @mjruotolo, @jonkdugan, @vreihen, @joshr


I grabbed a ton of log data for my GE Portable Air Conditioner. I would love for this to be added!

GE Portable Air Conditioner Log

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Cool! I'll have a look and will PM you to see what we can figure out.

Support is in v0.9.1, on GitHub and HPM now. Thanks for your help with testing!

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Good job on porting. FYI, I’m getting a flood of debug errors for my Refrigerator, even though Debug switch is off in the parent. It’s only coming for the Refrigerator (the applianceID in log is MAC for Refrigerator, even though the App number in log brings up the Dryer Device). Seems to be cosmetic only, integration seems to be working, though I haven’t seen status for the Keurig (water heating, etc.).

Refrigerator model: CYE22USHESS
(it’s the one with Keurig in the door, if that matters)
Refrigerator MAC: D8:28:C9:04:70:16

Washer model: GFW490RPK0DG
Washer ConnectPlus MAC: D8:28:C9:18:8E:E9

Dryer model: GFD49ERPK0DG
Dryer ConnectPlus MAC: D8:28:C9:18:DC:66

HPM shows all are 0.9.1, but driver code shows 0.9.0. Did HPM repair, no difference.

That would be really odd. Are you sure that dev:2346 isn't your refrigerator virtual device?

All of the child devices are chatty like that -- they print every event, which was useful during the initial development but not needed now. I'll quiet them down in the next release.

If you hit Refresh on the other child devices, you should see a flurry of updates for the corresponding child. Will you please check that it is working?

I didn't support all of the features of the supported appliances, mostly because I didn't have test data to work with to confirm they were working. Will you hit me up by PM with some logs of Refresh on the fridge and also logs that show the output when you were physically adjusting the settings on the fridge? These from @snackpickleson are the gold standard on how to share that info.

You are right, my fingers were fat. Sorry for confusion.

Yep, Refresh is working for all.

Ok, will do. I’m at the tin standard right now.

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I just checked in v0.9.2 which has the improved logging behavior. If you enable or disable logging on the parent, it will propagate the setting to children.

@tomw I'm getting this after updating the hub to

Update timing:


It looks like you have a partial update of my package -- you installed from HPM, correct? Please do a repair and then update in HPM.

FYI, I’m not seeing this, but I’m on the tin standard, not the gold standard as you are. Still gathering refrigerator data when my wife lets me take over the kitchen.
SmartHQintegration 0.9.2 installed via HPM 1.8.7.

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Hey! Thanks for doing this, @tomw ! I'm trying to install this from HPM (selecting only refrigerator), and I'm getting this error:

When I try to install manually, I get this:

Help? Thanks!

What version of HPM are you on? You need version 1.8.5 (or newer) because I use a Bundle in this package, which @csteele recently added support for in HPM.

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It looks like I'm on 1.8.7, and HPM isn't prompting me to update any packages.

I am a bit stumped, then. Did you recently update to 1.8.7? You might want to try a Repair on the hubitat_SmartHQ package in HPM. Do you have that library installed in Libraries Code or any evidence of the bundle in your Bundles section in Hubitat?

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I just gave this a try... I don't have anything this code would work with, but I can at least test HPM :smiley:

It worked fine, of course. Always does for me :frowning:

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 3.24.43 PM

app:4 2022-07-13 03:24:04.033 pm info  Installing SmartHQ Refrigerator
app:4 2022-07-13 03:23:58.443 pm info  Installing SmartHQ System
app:4 2022-07-13 03:23:56.577 pm info  Installing hubitat_SmartHQ
app:4 2022-07-13 03:23:56.307 pm info  Downloading SmartHQ Refrigerator
app:4 2022-07-13 03:23:56.207 pm info  Downloading SmartHQ System
app:4 2022-07-13 03:23:55.932 pm debug Install beginning
app:4 2022-07-13 03:23:55.929 pm debug prefInstall
app:4 2022-07-13 03:23:51.599 pm debug prefInstallVerify
--- Live Log Started, waiting for events ---

I looked in Library code and there it was...

and there was a Bundle too, showing that's how the library got added.


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