Super Random Thought

So I was doing my HE update the other day, and like I always do, I read through the "what's new" and thought 2 things:
1: I wonder if I'm the only one that reads through the "what's new" section.
2: I wish the "what's new" would show the changes being applied.

Yes, I know very random thoughts lol. I have always read what is being installed when I get an update on, well, anything. I've noticed that the update "log" if you wanna cal it that, says the same thing, which is for the 2.2.3 update and not the .xxx patching. It's not really a big deal, just something I've noticed.

Anyone else actually read through the update notes, or change log, before applying any update, HE or otherwise??

Just some random thoughts for a Tuesday!



I do normally scan through them, and I agree it would be nice to know what applied to the transition I'm making from my current version to the one I install.

On a similar note, I'd also be interested to know if you can choose the version you want to upgrade to, or is it always just the latest?


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It is always the latest version when upgrading. When downgrading, you can choose from the last few versions that you had installed on your hub.

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Yup, I always read the what’s new section.

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I never update without first reading the release notes

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Nope, not the only one. I always read them.

Been requested multiple times over the past couple years. You probably will see dozens of these requests with a search.

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If I’m not mistaken, the “what’s new” on the hub update page only covers the major version updates? For details of each hot fix, I usually refer to the announcement thread here in the forum.


Correct. Myself and others have asked for some indication of changes since the major update. I thought a simple * before each new item would be quick and easy to do.


I figured.. Like I said it was just a random thought lol.

Yea me too.. cause i wanna know what i'm about to install, but it would be nice if that "what's new" box was a "change log" lol.. But it's just random thoughts!! Thanks for the response.

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