Sunset/Sunrise times wrong in Rule Machine

I'm new to Hubitat and was anxious to get my first automation going. I figured I'd start with something simple. I have a table lamp in my foyer that I want to come on shortly before sunset and then turn off at midnight, each day. Being that this is super basic, I was able to easily figure it out. However, while going through the rule creation I noted that Hubitat shows the sunset time incorrectly. My Hubitat is set to the correct timezone, and the time on the Hubitat is correct. However, the sunset time is way off, by a strange amount. For example, sunset today was actually at 7:55 PM, but Hubitat shows it was at 9:28 PM. Am I doing something wrong? (For what it's worth, the sunrise time is also off from the actual sunrise time; sunrise today was actually at 6:01 AM, but Hubitat shows it was at 7:36 AM.)

@user906 Go to Settings then Hub Details and make sure your latitude and longitude are correct.


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Someone will probably come by and correct this, but I think Sunrise and Sunset are only calculated once a day. I believe this at midnight. If you just plugged it in, it may not have had a chance to calculate the next day's times.

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This was the fix. As soon as I updated the lat/long the sunrise and sunset times corrected. Thanks!


I recently determined there is a skew to the Rise / set as well by a couple minutes. If you compare the settings page to a google lookup for your location you'll note a 2-3 minute difference... I think HE staff is aware...

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Interesting. Mine are dead on , have been for several years. I used a GPS Logger on my phone set on top of the hub to the the exact coordinates of the hub in its place (yeah over kill, but I was having a bout of OCD that day). The trade off has been that my sunrise/set times have been accurate ever since, even on the days of the primitive time change rituals.

Sunrise/sunset are spot-on for me once I manually input the GPS coordinates. Double-checked it today, and it adjusted as expected for today's actual sunrise/sunset.

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The discrepancy that @jshimota alluded to is a discrepancy of approximately one minute, described in this thread.

I could reproduce his observations, as indicated in the post below:

My guess is that it will be addressed in the next platform release.

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