Sunset Off 10 minutes

I have multiple Simple Automation Rules to turn lights on at Sunset, for tonight Sunset was listed on the hub as 6:52PM. They both turn off at the appropriate time the problem is the Garage which came on tonight came on at 7:02 PM but the others come on at 6:52 PM. Not sure why when the rules are the same with no delays is there a ten minute difference. Lat/Long is correct in settings, Hub (C7) time is correct and last page load was today so running out of ideas what to look for. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Can you share a screenshot of the actual rules' setups? Also, I'd suggest enabling all logging for both rules and see what "Logs," not Events, says (though you'd have to check tomorrow--it won't retroactively generate anything for today). Looking at "Scheduled Jobs" on the App Status page may also provide clues, though again likely nothing there until some time tomorrow, depending on how your rule is set up.

I keep by default the log feature on, should have sent that instead but below is both the rules and logs for the Soffit -Garage and the Fire PIt lights. I looked at the Scheduled jobs and none of them have anything listed as scheduled, attached is a shot of the Fire Pit