"Sunrise" triggered event failed this morning after a week of correct functioning

I woke up this morning to find my morning "Sunrise +20 minute" Rules Machine event never triggered. The same rule has been running fine the previous week.

A check of the "Location Event" logs show no event received this morning.

It seems other have seen similar issues.

The rule is trivial, simply turning off lights and devices around the house at Sunrise +20 minutes, with a 1-second delay between actions, one device per action.

The rule shows the Sunrise event is properly subscribed. My time zone is correct.

How are these subscriptions handled? Clearly, they are from an external source. If my Internet was down at the Sunrise event time, would the event be received after the connection was restored? Just wondering how robust the mechanism is.

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Hmm. I'm seeg a "No scheduled jobs are set" indication at the bottom of the Rule after clicking on the Gear icon.

All my other Sunrise/Sunset rules show a single pending job scheduled.

I tried a minor edit to the rule and re-saving, but still no scheduled event showing.

I also copied the rule, but still no event scheduled on the copy.

It appears that Sunrise/Sunset is not received real-time but calculated, based upon location and time zone, then scheduled to trigger later based upon the local HE clock.


Screen shots below:

Sunrise_Issue_3 !

You'll have better luck with Sunrise and Sunset if you don't use an offset. With the offset the job only gets scheduled at midnight or something like that and a reboot can cause it to miss those events for a day. Without an offset it is scheduled for a specific time whatever the next Sunrise or Sunset is and it never seems to miss the events.

Odd the actual time is not calculated and scheduled, including the offset.

On days when my Sunrise+Offset rule worked, I saw the actual action scheduled at exactly local sunrise. That did not happen this morning.

Apparently the HE has an internal sidereal clock function that keeps track of Sunrise/Sunset, so the events are self-contained in the HE.

I'd rather not trust trust to luck and get deterministic behavior!! :grinning:



go to hub settings-> locations and modes. Validate your location and sunrise/sunset times. Mine has gotten corrupted once or twice

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I checked this, moved my latitude by a degree, saved, moved it back and saved again. However, the information and sunrise/sunset times were correct before I did this.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.


Sunrise showed up in System Events this morning at the correct time All my actions triggered normally.

I shut off two rules that were doing frequent polls on 6 problem devices last night after finding an alternate solution. The load on the HE might have been a factor in the missed Sunrise System Event.