Sunrise/Sunset times in Rule Machine Legacy off by 5 hours

I still have some rules running in Rule Machine Legacy that are triggered based on what the sunrise or sunset time is that day. I created two Global variables in Rule Machine Legacy for this, and set them to sunrise time and sunset time respectively. This has been working great for years.

Yesterday I installed the latest firmware ( and today I noticed that the times of my Global variables are off by 5 hours - specifically they are 5 hours behind. I am in the Eastern Time Zone. Here is what I see:


If I got into Hub Settings, I see the correct times:

For Rule Machine 5, I created some Hub Variables that do the same thing, and those show the correct times as well:

Has anyone else seen this behavior? What can I do about it (besides re-create the rules in RM 5)?

What RM version are these rules built on (would say in the apps list Type)? I thought in at least RM 4 you could trigger rules directly with Sunrise/Sunset +/- an offset, or is that not possible in that RM so you are using the variables?

The rules were created using Rule Machine 4.0. And I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said these rules were "triggered" by my variables. They are not. The variables are used inside the rule logic to check for things. For example, I use one of them like this to check if sunset was after 8pm or not:


Please show the entire page of the Rule 4.0 setup, including its Global Variables and the actions that set them.

@bravenel Sure, I'll try to get the information for you here:

This was all done a few years ago before RM 5 was released.

First, I had created two Global Variables called Sunset and Sunrise, and I set them to the Time type. I gave them initial values because I had to:

Then, inside of some rule logic, when a rule was triggered that I wanted to check, say, what time sunrise was that day, I would have a line that set my Sunrise variable to the sunrise time that the hub uses:


Like I said...this worked great for years, and now all of a sudden it is off by 5 hours with the new firmware release.

I hope that was enough info.

I just noticed that I have a 5 hour offset for a similar RM 4.0 rule. I added a -300 minute offset to correct the time. The only purpose of this rule was to put sunrise/sunset into a string for displaying on a dashboard.

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