Sunrise and Sunset IPCamera modes

Best way to achieve this??

I want Hubitat to send commands to my IPcameras when sunset and sunrise occur (this changes the cameras day/night recording modes)

for instance

at sunrise - http://username:password@IP-ADDRESS/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&VideoInMode[0].Config[0]=1

at sunset http://username:password@IP-ADDRESS/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&VideoInMode[0].Config[0]=2

I can't help you do this within Hubitat, but it would be very simple to implement using Maker API and Node Red. I am doing essentially the same thing with virtual switches sending HTTP: 'PUT's to Opensprinkler.

That was SUPER easy wow.

I went into Rule Machine and created a schedule. Selected everyday, then selected Sunrise, then pasted in my 7 HTTP GET urls to control the cameras and saved the rule.
It even allowed me to 'test' it. Wow Hubitat is amazing!

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Funny, my answer to your question made me look deeper and I found the same thing. Now I am triggering my sprinklers directly from Hubitat instead of my "man in the middle" Node-red. Thank you for asking and making me look!

Which cameras are you running? Do any local recording to say a NAS?

I have 7 Dahua IP cameras that record to a Dahua NVR (network video recorder).