Suggestions for Main Water Valve Rules?

Looking for some good suggestions on rules to implement around a water main valve.

Obviously I'm going to have the valve turn off if the leak sensor detects water. But I'm curious what other alarms / indicators / alerts you've set up to notify you of leaks and/or water main valves being triggered.

Couple things, google home speaks "flood alert", some lights turn red, main valve goes off, siren chirps evry 30 seconds. Via HSM and some rule machine setup

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I'm new to Hubitat and a convert from Wink. I too thought I had to set up something very complex to shut off my house valve if a water leak was detected. I have 12 Samsung ZigBee sensors and a Dome Shut off valve. I discovered this was a 1 minute config process using Hubitat Safety Monitor

I have the valve shut off and notification sent to my devices as well as Chromecast voice announcement. In testing with the water running at the kitchen sink, from the time I bridge the sensor with a wet finger to the time the water stops running was less than 10 seconds. Announcements came within 1 second. The shut off delay was due to the mechanical movement of the valve shut off and the house pressure to reduce.


I have it tied to an indoor temperature sensor too. Say I’m out of town and the heat stops working. If my house gets below 40F it will shut the water... just in case a pipe ever bursts.


awesome suggestions. thanks! and happy holidays!

All great ideas! In addition to those I have my Water Cop valve cycle once a month to keep it from getting sticky. It closes the valve, checks it's state after 30 seconds and notifies me if it's not closed. Then it re-opens the valve, checks it's state after 30 seconds and notifies me if it is not open. If it works, then no notifications. I also do this at 1am when cutting the water off likely won't affect anything. If anyone sees a problem with my rule, feel free to say something but it does seem to work in testing.

Note: Actually I just noticed I left the Cancel Delayed Actions in the rule from when I was testing it. Didn't really hurt anything but that can be removed.


Only thing I see wrong is a typo in your second notify, it failed to OPEN not failed to close in that one.

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Darn....Thanks. I didn't notice that. I think I copied and pasted and didn't fix it.

@lelynch ... great idea. I thought about setting up a maintenance mode as well.

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Great idea @lelynch! I modified your rule slightly to give me a notification if it completes successfully. Works great!


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