Suggestions for a zwave/zigbee fingerprint door lock?

I have a kwikset zigbee lock with keypad that works perfect, but i have 2 other doors. On our main door i would love to have one with a fingerprint technology in it, but so far my searches have came up short. Any suggestions? I want it to be able to be used with hubitat to do the nightly lock routines when I do my shutdown scene.


August has a “Secure Remote Access” feature for phones that will utilize biometrics and facial recognition. However I wish there was a dedicated fingerprint add-on sensor for various smart locks that didn’t rely on a phone for access. I’ve been searching for something like this for a while.

If there was a smart biometric sensor that was recognized by HE, then you could probably come up with some rule to control your lock assuming your lock works with HE as well.

Yeah, eufy has a smart touch lock with fingerprint that looks awesome. But i think it's only Bluetooth. I don't even think it has wifi. Which is a sad day lol

any update still no zigbee with fingerprint?

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