Suggestions for a simple 2 button, button?

I have 2 robot vacuums, 1 on each floor. I just want a simple 2 button button to start either. I use zig bee, z wave, and caseta. My default was the two button picos ($25 is a lot though) but I’m open to suggestions. Thank you

:point_up: That would be my 1st choice as well!

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Is $25 about the lowest price?

You could also use a one button controller and single tap downstairs, double tap upstairs, hold for all...

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$20 .....



Since you (I asssume) already have Caseta, I'd second that recommendation for the two-button Pico. For whatever reason, they tend to be a bit more expensive than the 5-button ("3-button with raise/lower" or 3BRL in Lutron terminology) Picos, but I guess that's Lutron for you. If you don't mind the extra buttons, get that one and just save yourself the money.

If you want to look at something else: I have a few Zooz ZEN34 remotes that would also fit this criterion. They look about like a smart paddle switch, except they're battery powered. They are Z-Wave, which some people find a bit more finnicky than Lutron (which most people find to be rock-solid, hence my recommendation--and others'). But they are on sale right now for a tad bit cheaper than the 2-button Lutron, so if this small of a difference in price matters, they may also be worth considering. The price difference might not balance out after shipping, and in the long run, you might save more in batteries on the Lutron, too (Picos are estimated to last up to 10 years, and they use only one battery; not sure I've ever seen a Z-Wave device with an estimate that high, and the Zooz needs two batteries)...just some other considerations. :slight_smile:


I don’t understand their pricing logic sometimes.

1 pico pedestal: ~$10
2 pico pedestal: ~$20
3 pico pedestal: ~$80

Why the huge jump for slightly more plastic?

…and if you want it in black, financing options are available…

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High volume products tend to have lower manufacturing costs, and thus are priced accordingly. Also, the stands are made out of metal & plastic. They have a very nice heavy weight to them, which keeps them in place.

The black stands are not all that much more... :wink:


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Some zigbee and z-wave button devices I have been pretty happy with:

Zigbee: Sylvania Smart+ Dimmer: SYLVANIA SMART+ ZigBee 2 Button Dimming Switch | Energy-saving home lighting

Z-Wave: Zooz ZEN34: Zooz Z-Wave Plus 700 Series Remote Switch ZEN34 (Battery Powered) - The Smartest House