SUGGESTION: Rename "Hubitat Dashboard" to "Dashboard(s)"

File under nitpick, but after looking under "D" for the 1000th time to find Dashboard in the list of Apps, I vote that "Hubitat Dashboard" mercifully be renamed simply "Dashboard" or "Dashboards" or even "Dashboard for Hubitat" (if you must).

We know it's for Hubitat. And reflexively naming apps "Hubitat This" and "Hubitat That" I believe sets a kind of unwelcome precedent, generally speaking. (Why only this app??) Makes just a tiny bit of sense for HPM on the other hand.

Anyone else find this anomaly a tad vexing?

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At least Hubitat® Dashboard is built-in, so I don't mind it saying that.

I personally wish these other two community apps didn't have Hubitat in their names.


Agreed. The 'Hubitat' trademark should be reserved for stock apps only, so as not to lend undue endorsement to others. Never mind the whole alphabetization issue. :slight_smile:

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Many community apps have option for editing name. Even if they don't you can go in edit most of them very easy.


Agreed. Neither of these do. And if you edit it in the code, when they get updated the old name will come back.

EDIT: the Z-wave Mesh Details does allow me to edit the name, so I've done so.

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I definitely vote for ONLY Hubitat official apps to have Hubitat in the name. Second wish is that ALL official Hubitat apps had Hubitat in the name. :grin:

Since no one else has tag the people that can make this happen... :wink:
@bravenel , @mike.maxwell , @gopher.ny , @bobbyD , @bcopeland


I never tag the boys until we've reached a consensus, lol.

But if we do go the route of "Hubitat" appearing in official apps, may I kindly propose that it be done consistently alongside user apps, in a format such as...

DASHBOARD (by Hubitat)
PACKAGE MANAGER (by Dominick Meglio)
WAKEonLAN (by Ramdev)

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I sort of remember this coming up before - I believe one suggestion was to separate apps - community and builtin. Regardless - if there's a vote going on - sure. +1 to standardize he Hubitat name. but keeping Hubitat in the name sort of screws up the sort order. Dashboards are under H? ugh. Dashboard (by Hubitat) or some such seems more appropriate.

I believe Bruce stated at least once that among the planned UI improvements would be columns to hold information like "Author", "Status", "Restricted?" and so forth ... instead of the ad hoc hodgepodge we currently see in Apps. And that ultimately the page itself would become dynamic, instead of having to delve into individual Devices, say, to see them update in realtime.

-1 vote on standardizing the Hubitat name.

Serves no real purpose functionally, it is not that confusing as-is, and would make a cascading set of work updating videos, documentation, etc. Not worth it.


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