Suggestion: Open Source the mobile app (and maybe web UI) (please?)


  • Hubitat does not make money off the mobile app, they make money off the device and off subscription for mobile access. The app is a cost center.

  • Hubitat has a small dev team

  • There are a number of long-standing issues/bugs in the mobile app (broken presence being one) that perhaps the community could help resolve if it was open sourced

  • Above arguments also maybe apply for Web UI, but the mobile app has more urgent and persistent issues.

Hubitat is a community company, let the community help!


Was just looking for the mobile source myself! Aiming to tweak the app to allow for different notification sounds for different events.
E.g. motion sensor is triggered, mobile app plays siren, light switch is toggled, mobile app plays a chime.
From my limited research it looks like there is no native straightforward way to do this (I may be missing something and will update the post with any related findings).
Everything seems to point to using something like Pushover or more direct MQTT setup.
can we plz haz src? :wink:

Requests similar to this one have always received a resoundIng “no” from the staff.

I have to ask, what is the logic behind the "no"?
First guess would be some closed sourced libraries or "secret sauce" that make it difficult to open source?
Perhaps we can reverse engineer the app and start from scratch? On the surface is does not seem that complicated (I may be way out of my lane on this comment)
Just spitballing ideas :wink:

I would imagine that unless the methods for authenticating and other hosted features like hub registration are available, then reverse engineering would be problematic.

In terms of why it may be in Hubitat's interest to keep it in-house, and I'm not saying this is their reasoning, but it does give them control over a key user experience. It can have it's issues, I know, but I could understand still wanting to manage that moving forward.

We made a strategic decision early in the company's life not to go open source; our source is closed. There can be arguments on both sides of this. There are a completely different set of engineering needs around supporting an open source project, and we are not oriented to that. We are, relatively speaking, an agile development team. We do apply considerable effort to be responsive to customers suggestions and feature requests, and to deal with bugs.

Having said that, we do realize that proponents of open source don't like this about us. C'est la vie.


For many years Linksys shipped routers that worked just fine out of the box with the factory firmware. BUT they still allowed power users to install new firmware to meet their needs. I'm not saying to open up the actual hub to new firmware, but there's gotta be a way to provide a good user experience out of the box while still giving the community the potential to modify and improve parts based on need or demand. As an example (and since I'm not a developer), I've been wondering why a developer hasn't yet written a new dashboards app that runs on the hub. Certainly the community could really run with some of these things.

There have been several complete dashboard projects done, including the port of ActionTiles to Hubitat some time ago. There is also SharpTools (only for Android), and others that have been announced in the community.


Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:
So...who can we sweet talk on the dev team to get custom notification sounds on the road map :wink:

Thanks for the reply;

I understand keeping the source code and fimware for the hub itself closed - no one is asking for that.

I just don't understand what the benefit is, to the company, to keeping the source for the mobile app or UX closed. You don't sell either of them... they are just a cost center. If someone wanted to jump in and help you make the mobile app better for free - why not allow that? Is the worry someone is going to copy your mobile app and use it in a competitive SmartHome hub... I think the odds of that are really low.

I get that you don't understand, but I'd guess it's probably not possible to solve that.

Both the mobile app and the UX are intimately inter-related to the core hub. For example, part of our Z-Wave certification relies on a secure connection between mobile app and hub for SmartStart device pairing. There are many other aspects as well that argue quite strongly against opening the code to users. We're a closed source company.

At any rate, there is no profit to be had in this being a discussion in the community. Not to be rude, but rather practical, this topic is now closed.


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