Successful reboot of SLOW Hubitat

Came home from shopping today and Hubitat was nearly unresponsive. I say nearly because you could navigate to various apps, but it took several minutes for the app to fully load.

I had a blue light and 2 red advisory message 1) an update is available (I'm still on, and 2) Zigbee network is unreachable.

I felt comfortable that my recent backup would be adequate so skipped that step because the system was so slow.

I selected "shut down hub" from the Settings menu. It did that in a few minutes. Now I had a red light. I pulled the power cord and let the hub sit for 10 minutes. Applied power, everything seemed to start up normally, I have all my devices and rules, etc. I'm really happy and Hubitat is back to normal speed and Zigbee is online.

First time I had an issue like this and was really happy to get Hubitat up and running with little trouble and so quickly.

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That’s odd. I had exactly the same thing this morning, though my system is on Logs were working, but automations were not.

Rebooting took ages (didn’t power down) and when the system came back I had the same Zigbee network offline message. It came back itself after a couple of minutes and then the system was working again. But I’m a little perplexed as to what happened and why the system didn’t notice and try to recover.

This is on a C-7. The C-5 is fine (same software version).