Success! Just installed my first Zigbee device with Hubitat

Thank you to all of you Hubitarians that helped with product and Z-wave vs. Zigbee discussions. I am happy to say I installed by first ever device that was not an established WiFi device. :smile: I installed the Visonic MCT-340 E Zigbee HA 1.2, 2.4 GHZ Window/Door Sensor. It paired perfectly. I have created tiles in my dashboard and have watched the device change state & present the current temp. Next will be a simple trigger rule to announce when the window is open or closed and the temperature. Next will be controlling Ecobee and Wemo switch controlling ceiling fan.

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Status update: More success.
I now have my fans coming on when the window opens and GH mini announces that the window is open, fans are on to help cool, and Ecobee is off so we don't air condition the outside.

When the window closes, Ecobee returns to cool, fans turn off after 15 minutes, and GH mini announces it all.

Next is to turn off the fans after 15 minutes or when window contact temp, Ecobee sensor, and Ecobee thermostat reach the set the targeted setpoint whichever happens first.


New Success! Konnected alarm kit installed and working
I just finished moving from the 25 year old DSC alarm panel to the latest Konnected alarm board. All zones were moved over and all of the old wired sensors (except the one above) are now showing up and working in Hubitat. I love it! Once I get the zone extension kit, I will move over one more window group and add the chimes to the two key pad locations to increase WAF. She likes to hear that chime when a portal is open/shut. I ran into some wiring confusion and ended up with the wrong Konnected mini-UPS. Thanks to the Konnected team, that was all straightened out. A note of caution, if you are looking for a mini-UPS for the Konnected system, do not buy the one on Amazon. It has an engineering flaw that makes it incompatible with their stuff. To get the right one, you have to order direct from Konnected.

Next up...Yale Assure with Zigbee, bluetooth, and key management app for front door.


Update: Consternation and Frustration
A.K.A. Amazon and the Yale Lock fiasco
My first order with Amazon for a Yale Assure SL with Zigbee was lost in delivery. They ordered a replacement and it arrived with a Z-Wave radio module and was a bit worse for the wear. It was supposed to be new, but clearly someone swapped modules and returned it after using it for a bit. Amazon is sending a third today or this week some time. Supposedly it will be new and have the Zibee radio module.

Since it was installed by the time I discovered the radio module swap, I went ahead and left it in place until the new arrives. Setup was dead on simple. Yale included very easy to follow paper instructions and they also have detailed instructions in the BILT app. The unit paired nicely with Hubitat. I did experience some odd behavior though. Commands via Dashboard or Device page are producing very sloooooow response times. On a few occasions as my family members were trying to get in, the unlock command took several minutes. The WAF was blown out of the water on this one. I had already walked from across the house, unlocked the door and closed the door and locked it, when the unlock command finally was received and processed by the lock. Let's home the Zigbee is faster or this thing is history.

I programmed in two users with name, code position and codes using the Device page and attempted two with Lock Manager. LM appeared to create a user, but the user never showed up in either LM or Device page. The code that was submitted works at the lock. I tried deleting it in Device and resubmitting it, but the code position, name, nor code showi up in Device or LM. After that, I just created the users within the Device page. In one instance, I had to resubmit a user multiple times in Device page as the first attempt only put it in the position with the code. No name value was ever input. I simply resubmitted it and it eventually added the name. LM failed almost every time when attempting to submit users. I finally gave up and just added them all via the device page.

Update: Lock arrives...broken. :sob:
The replacement from Amazon arrived. This time, some boob misaligned and broke the socket off inside the Zigbee module when they removed it. The lock was basically unusable. I finally gave up with Amazon; demanded and received a refund; called it a day. I went directly to Yale, explained the fiasco with Amazon, and they are sending a new factory fresh lock with Zigbee module installed.

I was able to pull the broken socket off of the plug pins of the Zigbee module and replaced the Z-wave version 1 module in the temporary lock. It seems to work much better.

I created a mobile dashboard for family members to see the lock status and to be able to unlock/lock the door. This upped the WAF and FAF to acceptable.



Glad you are making progress. Nice to see the daily updates.

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