Subtle Improvement to Lutron Caseta Dimmer

The one complaint that I have heard about the Caseta dimmers is there is not tactile indication of the "ON" button on the dimmer control. I just bought a new dimmer and when I unboxed it, I noticed it has a little "Pip" (or bump) on the "UP" button. Not a huge change but appreciated. Not sure why they did the "UP" button rather than the "ON" button . . .

Apologies for the photo quality, I have circled the "bump" in red.


I noticed a new bump today too. Back of my head just above ear level. It was either by better half last night or I fell out of bed. Probably not as useful as the Caseta change but noteworthy none the less.:grinning:


It probably would have been more fun if I called it a pimple - that's really a better description.


That is not actually a new "feature"...

I have several dimmers that I purchased when they were first released in mid-2014... They all have the "Pip"...

I guess they have been dumping old stock over here. Every one of about 30 I have bought in the last two years (from Home Depot and Energy Avenue) has not had the pimple.

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Hmmm...:thinking: I just checked and found that all of my Caseta dimmers have the little pip. I bought mine from Energy Avenue and ebay this year.

My Caseta Switches and Fan Controller do not have the pip.

Oddly enough, none of my original 10 Caseta dimmers have the "pip". Purchased between 2014-2015 at Amazon. I purchased 2 this year from EnergyAvenue and they have no "pip" either. Or my index finger cannot feel one.

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Well I got this completely wrong. It shows how unobservant a person can be. I started walking around checking all my dimmers to see if any of them had the "pip". So far THEY ALL HAVE IT. Shows how bad (at least my) recollection can be. Furthermore, the ON/OFF buttons also have a "pip" - it is subtle enough that one might think they were just feeling the engraving but it's there. I haven't checked every one yet but cybrmage and ogiewon were correct, at least as far as I can tell.

My apologies for spreading incorrect information. That's something I try to avoid doing whenever possible!

More expensive, but reasonable via ebay if you can find them, I prefer the 5-button PD-5NE for some locations though it does require a neutral (ELV+ capable).

The "pip" is a big fat button like the 5-button Pico.



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