Subscription Migration From C5 to C7 Devices Not Working After

Hello All,

I performed a subscription migration from my working C5 Hub to my C7 hub that I was holding until the subscription cloud migration was available and after a successful migration my Zwave and Zigbee devices seem to not be working. Anything simple I might have missed?

Thanks Again


Did you pair your Zigbee devices after the migration to the new hub? Zwave devices should come over, but I believe Zigbee devices need to be paired again. See #11 in the link below.

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Put your C-7 into pairing mode and reset each zigbee device. They will pair to the new hub with their original name and device-id.

As @rakeshg pointed out, the migration tool is z-wave (and LAN device only).

OK thanks guys I appreciate it and will try that today.

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