Subscribe Error

I have a small custom app that basically syncs 2 different lights. I subscribed to both lights, separate subscriptions. In one of them I had a typo in the handler name (doggone capitals). So it was subscribing to a handler routine that didn't exist.

I did not get any errors when the event happened. Should I have seen an error in the logs in this case?

Just wondering.

Usually, if you mess up the code for the subscription it just doesn’t work (i.e. it doesn’t subscribe to events)
The only time you would get an error is if you mess up the name of the handler.
This is because the subscription doesn’t know where to send the event

But that's what I did . Messed up the name of the Handler so it didn't know where to go.

Then it’s unusual not to get an error (but only when an event is triggered)