"Studio" lighting for our Shelter-in-Place COVID-19 office video calls

After picking up some IKEA FLOALT tuneable white panels today I set up our desk with Much Better Lighting™ for video meetings! The desk had been facing the window and it caused really harsh lighting for me and my wife, so we pivoted it perpendicular... harsh lighting in a different way...

With the FLOALT set to 80% warm white, its a really pleasant even light for the numerous video calls we both have for work from our office. I paired the light with Hue (partner prefers the Hue app to Hubitat) and set up a motion rule with a small Dome sensor under the desk that turns the on the light when you sit down at the desk (but not just when you walk in the room)

Eventually I'll try to pair the symfonisk remote to the light to enable you to adjust the brightness and white balance on the fly without opening an app.

Ignore the nest of cables, I cleaned that all up with zip ties, but forgot to take a new photo.


Very good use of the Floalt. I have one in my corridor, it is nice to be able to get "natural" light in the daytime and a warmer hue at night.

Not sure if you use a voice assistant, but if you do, you could create commands to change the lighting level.

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We do, but since its for use during meetings, a non-verbal control is ideal. I wish the panel had a better white balance range, its nowhere near that of a Hue tuneable white bulb.

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I remember when my desk was that clean.

Then the movers left.

You’re 98% there! You should use cable management channels to clean up those wires for a true Scandinavian look!:blush:

@Tim-in-Ca did already, just didn't bother to take another post-cable-management photo....

@TechMedX it has to stay clean because my wife and I share it, we each get a drawer, and a 3rd drawer for common things (pens, gum, etc) neither of us want to start a meeting with the other person's mess.

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