Stuck on connecting to homekit bridge

So i had homekit and hubitat paired up (first time user). Created a virtual switch and it was working fine.. I switched its room in home kit and it became unresponsive in homekit... I had to delete the bridge to Hubitat to delete it in Homekit and not when i try to repair the bridge it just get stuck for like 15min doing nothng... THe first time it paired up in like 5 sec



Have you reset in Hubitat? If you only deleted the Hub on the Homekit side, you’ll need to also unpair in Hubitat using the Unpair all controllers. If that doesn’t work, you will need to go nuclear.

I have had zero success. Always stuck on "Connecting to homekit bridge" It works fine and very reliably with the homebridge integration. Nuclear option does not work either. Any other ideas besides wiping the hubitat 100%? I would rather be rid of the homebridge server if I can.