Struggling with editing a rule in RM on C7 with

I have been struggling with editing a RM rule and frequently get hung up where I am unable to do anything other than exit the rule. I.e., none if the buttons or option drop downs do anything.

In rule below, I am trying to edit the "Wait for Expression: -->timeout: 0:02:00" line without success.

Am I trying to do something invalid, or is this a bug in the editing routines? Currently running on C7.

My guess is I don't think that is valid, there is no expression to wait for. I would just delete it. If you want to wait for 2 minutes use Wait for event elapsed time.

Thanks for quick reply. Actually, I had a "Front door closed" expression on the line that I deleted just before things locked up. Now there is no way to edit/delete any of the lines in the rule. Had to re-create the rule being more careful not to inadvertently select something that doesn't make sense.

I see that others are having same issue in another thread. I'm betting it is something with the editing code in Hubitat that gets into strange state and disables all further actions.

But, while we are on the subject, should I be using a wait for expression or wait for event, or does it make any difference in this case?

As a followup, when I tried to edit the line "IF (Variable frontdoorLevel(0) =0(T) ..." I ended up with a screen that I could no longer edit. Just a hang with no way to exit.

Any suggestions as to best action when something like this happens editing RM5.1 rules other than to delete and re-create the rule?

In my experience, anytime I get an constant error when trying to edit, you just have to start over. You can try exporting and importing but that never works for me.

Are you connecting local? Mine also has been very slugish via remote admin to the point its almost unusable. I have to wait 5 or 6 seconds after making a change for the screen to catch up. If I connect local its fine.

Yes, I am connecting local. From my experience and notes from others on different threads, it seems that there are some bugs in the editing routines that leave me with a screen that cannot be edited further. I am still working on my understanding of events and expressions as well as delay and wait, etc., so my attempting to edit these in and out of rules apparently gets it into a state that is not recoverable. Appreciate the comments.

I've gotten to the point where I somehow deleted the condition for the second IF in this rule.


Rule seems to work down to the second IF statement. But when I attempt to edit the IF (as shown at the end), there is no way I can get anything to happen. Seems to just hang in this undetermined state, forcing me to recreate the rule from scratch, hoping that I won't make the same mistake.

Can you delete actions from the bad IF until the end of the rule? That would preserve most of the rule.

Initially I couldn't do any edits, but I finally clicked on the logic AND OR options, selected one of them even though it didn't make sense at that point, and ultimately got back to the point where I could delete and re-create the complete IF statement. But, having gotten past that point, the logic doesn't seem to be working as the light never reverts to off or an intermediate state. Will try rebooting to see if that helps.

You haven’t shown your triggers for the rule. Be aware that each of your waits will be cancelled each time the rule retriggers, and the rule will restart. Delays won’t cancel on retrigger, but waits will.

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