Strange things afoot.. C-7 / Z-Wave inclusion

Was trying to do a clean reinclude of my Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 5 that had stopped responding. Excluded it just fine using remove. Then went to discover Z-Wave devices and a "Zooz Central Scene" switch popped up with no security boxes. Gave it a temp name ("__what") and then was able to include the Recessed Door sensor just fine - well fine if you like S0 of course.

Went to my secondary controller and noticed a new device called "Basic Wall Control" that I guess was what the earlier inclusion found. For giggles I did an "Is Failed" check and the device got marked as "failed". Cool - was able to remove it with no issues. I went back to HE and noticed that "__what" was still there. No biggie - went to remove it. A warning came up that the device exists in the Maker app? What? I walked around the house toggling the device and found that "__what" had replaced my "Side Porch Light" ??? What ??? Why did it do this? The side porch was already paired and working fine (I guess).

Something strange is going on in C-7 Z-Wave land.

I need to add that I think the "Basic Wall Controller" was actually my Fibaro Key Fob so one mystery solved. Not sure why my side porch light popped up again though.

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