Strange Sonos Question

Is there a Sonos app that has a textual input to send to the Sonos to "speak" that phrase?

For the last week or so I've been working on trying to get a Aeotec Extender 7 paired with something. At one time I had two Sonos entries in the Z-Wave table. I opened one and it had a submenu that appeared to allow me to type a phrase and have that phrase "spoken" by the Sonos. I don't recall which of the two entries I opened.
I ended up deleting the Sonos entry that seemed to not be connected to anything.

Now I'm going back to the Sonos to see if the above phrase input actually worked. I cannot find that menu again. The Sonos App I have only offers a place to select which Sonos to be connected to but no other options.

Does anyone recognize from my description what other app/driver I might have been looking at?

If you have the Sonos Integration installed and have the players in your device list, you can play text directly through the preference panel for the Sonos player as shown below - Play Text and Restore:

If the Sonos Integration is not listed in your Apps list - just click "Add built in app" at the top of the Apps page and scroll down to Sonos Integration to install it. Having the Sonos Integration allows you to play messages (or audio clips saved on the hub) through specific Sonos devices as an action in any Rule Machine rule.

One other thing regarding Sonos. There is no way of assigning a true fixed IP address to the Sonos players. They are assigned an address by your router using DHCP. Once you have the Sonos Integration and scan your network for the speakers it will find them and add them to Hubitat using their current IP addreses. However at some point those addresses will change causing the connection to Hubitat to be broken.

To get around the above issue log in to your routers homepage and in the DHCP section you should be able to reserve IP addresses for the Sonos speakers. This ensures that each time a speaker broadcasts a DHCP request, the router will assign the same IP address from its pool each time according to the reservation.

It was the virtual player that I had deleted. Back in business.


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