Strange data points. how to resolve?

I have a Xiaomi/Aquara humidity sensor that I installed to monitor bathroom humidity. The intent was to use it was Smarter Fan. The smarter fan app never worked right and I implemented Influxdb so I could see the data better.
I am getting 2 outlier data points, and I now suspect the driver somehow causes it. Ideas?

As you can see - i've been monitoring this device for 4 days. The unit is mounted in the shower, far above the showerhead, and nowhere near the water.
Normally, I turn on the water and close the door as it takes a minute for hot water to show. Then I enter the shower, obviously closing the door. I'm beginning to wonder if the opening of the door (which is right near the device) causes a burst of air to blow through the unit, effectively dropping the humidity, then it climbs back up relatively quickly.
I'm no longer convinced this is a driver problem - I've looked the driver over carefully and don't see anything that suggests it's the failure point. This am, I switched the driver from Markus' to birdlikewires and will monitor for 2 more days to see if the spike stays.
Failing that, I'll reposition the sensor. Failing that, I'll try a centralite I've got somewhere around here.
PS - loving this grafana tool! The ability to put an annotation right on a data point (ie; driver changed blah blah) shows up with a dotted line - nifty!

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