Strange behavior with two triggers

Perhaps this is desired behavior and I do have a workaround so my rule does work. However it is strange and not what I expected so I thought to ask. I built a rule with a trigger based on two switch states being turned on. I clicked the drop down to pick my two switches then proceeded with the rest of the rule. I built this KISS style with the same style of trigger-then-wait design pattern that @bravenel described in the live video last week. Here is the trigger section as initially composed:

I expected that as the screenshot might suggest, when any of these switches turn on, the rule would trigger or re-trigger, then the cancel delayed actions would fire, etc. Unfortunately this did not work. The rule would not re-trigger. So I rebuilt the rule separating the two switch triggers:

This version does work as I expected. Switching either switch on causes the rule to re-trigger, then the cancel delay to occur, etc.

So is variant 1 "expected" behavior? If so this is a subtle difference that I only guessed given new experience with Rule Machine during the pandemic. Anyone have similar thoughts/stories?

Maybe the pandemic is affecting my brain too, but I don't see the difference. At least not enough of a one to have very different behavior. My amatuer opinion is that they should act the same.

Hi, Ihave the same problem witch thermostat state. Screenshot of the same rule in two variants. I noticed that the 'Logical and' thermostat states are not working properly.

@neonturbo and @koperekjg I'm glad it's not just me :smile:

@support are all of us experiencing a bug here or is this expected behavior? If it is expected then what can be done to better communicate what to expect?