Strange behavior for aeon 7 repeater

After updating to ver the aeon 7 repeated using the generic wave driver has started flashing the light repeatedly. That would normally not be an.issue but this one the master bedroom and that is.very annoying in the dark at nighttime.

From looking at the manual.. It sounds like it is no longer in the network ..

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Try repairing it to the hub.

Once it is paired, you can determine whether you want the light on or off. From the manual.

The LED state is controllable, there are 2 states that you can choose, the LED will remain in a solid state as off or on:

To toggle LED states, double tap the RE7 action button within 1 second. Doing so will toggle the LED as:

  • LED on.*
  • LED off.*

Its in the network I changed driver to custom aeon 7 and tests etc are working fine.

It was not constantly flashing seems as it is repeating at irregular times.