Strange Aeon bulb behaviour on

I upgraded from to and several of my Aeon bulbs (gen 5) started acting strange.
I have a RM rule that turns on 3 of the hallway bulbs to CT 2700 at 20% and another that turns on my office bulb to 2700 at 100%. After upgrading, 2 of the 3 hallway bulbs turned on blue and I was unable to convince them to switch to 2700 while the third hallway bulb just continued to work fine. My office bulb worked fine for a while until one time it turned on blue also. While sending a 2700 color temperature command, I checked the logs and the bulb's device page and they both claimed that the bulb was CT 2700 even though I was staring at a very blue colored bulb.
I have been using these without problems since May with the "Aeon Led Bulb" driver. After rolling back to they are all working properly again.
I'll try upgrading again next week but I was wondering if anyone else has had problems.