Stop Running Rule if Light Shut Off Manually

If I shut off the light manually the Rule will turn on the lights again once the motions sensor (changed). How do I cancel the rule from turning on back the lights for this one session after I shut them off manually.

Hmm, you will either need to create another rule with a virtual switch or a global variable to capture your “cancel” event that you can clear at the end of your run schedule.

You can also include it in the current rule with a local variable or even use the Private Boolean of the rule.

No quite sure understanding what you are trying to do.... Can you elaborate on your use case?

Sorry, the rule is set up so when you walk into the MB Bathroom the motion sensor turns on the lights at different brightness levels depending on whether it is day or night. (that part works well) The problem is that if you leave the bathroom and want to turn the lights off manually with the Bathroom Light switch (habit), the rule will automatically turn the lights back on within a few seconds. Was trying to figure out how to cancel the rule for this session and keep the lights off until the next motion event.

Is it turning the lights back on because it still senses your motion as you are leaving the bathroom?

No, guess I am not sure way it is turning them back on, unless something in the rule is causing them to turn on, but it it not because of new motion.

Have you looked at the logs to see if there is "new" motion? Cause I don't see why they are turning on either...

Try this. I use this rule in my office and it works perfectly just as you want it. I just cloned it and added in the times like your rule has. Mine turns on and off and yours dims, but in theory should work the same.

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Thank you I will give it a try.