Stop motion from re-triggering lights after off

I'm setting up an automation to automaically turn on the toilet room lights. I'm using GE motion dimmer switches, and I'm not a fan of the small delay before the lights turn on (even when in occupancy mode.)

I want to get around that by using the motion dimmer at the entrance to the bathroom before the toilet room to trigger the lights to turn on... but motion near the toilet to keep them on, and then automatically turn off after one minute of no activity.

I was able to do accomplish this in Basic Rule. However, the problem I am having is if the lights are shut off manually, they are re-triggered to turn on when leaving past the entrance motion sensor. How can I avoid that?

Use the motion app instead. There are options in there to turn on a light based on 1 motion sensor, but to use additional motion sensors to keep the light on

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Thanks. I have that part working. The problem is it resets when the switch is flipped off and will retrigger as exiting. I don't want that I want it to stay off for a period of time if manually turned off before it will turn on again.

I've tried creating a RM rule which would be triggered from a physical off and then would Pause the rule for auto-on (basic rule), wait 1 minute, and then resume the rule.

However, there are no rules showing up in the resume rule list. Can I not pause and then resume a rule from the same RM rule?

The wait until command might be what you want... also take a look at zone motion controllers. I don't think they will solve your problem on their own but they may be helpful. Hint: I have a few rules like this and I have found it helpful to use the private boolean function to prevent spawning multiple instances of the rule.