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So I have these two devices showing up as selectable switches but they are old child devices that are long gone. They are from an Inovelli NZW37. When I first paired it on my C7 it loaded the wrong driver and I found out later which one to download and set so I did that and assigned it and all is well with it now. But these two are still out there:

2020-09-11 14_27_38-.Main

Any clue how I can banish them from my hub? I really don't want to have them out there since they don't exist. There must be a way.

To be clear the only place these appear is when you are picking switches to set. They are NOT listed under Devices anywhere now.

This sounds like a problem to be but one that isn't your fault (removing the parent device should also remove all the child devices, though it's not 100% clear to me if that's what you did, since you could have just switched the driver without re-pairing). If you did this fairly recently, I'd consider waiting until the overnight (2 AM-ish) hub database maintenance happens to see if it fixes the problem. It probably still shouldn't happen regardless, but this might at least be something that could help. Otherwise, Support (and the devs) might be interested in hearing about this problem.

(EDIT: Also thinking...if you do select the devices and then go to the gear/status page for that app, they should be listed somewhere as hyperlinks that take you to those device pages. Do those work? If so, you could remove them there. My hunch is that they might not, which probably means they've really been removed and maybe this is just some outdated cache it's pulling from that will get updated sooner or later...)

No that was a couple weeks ago and I was hoping it would self correct but nope.

I'll try what you just suggested in your EDIT. I'll be back...

You are a steely eyed missile man. That got me the web page address for them so I went back and deleted the rule I made and then brought each up and deleted them.

They have been removed! :beers:

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