Still getting Wink myQ notifications after hub is unplugged

I realize that you guys don't support Wink or Chamberlain myQ, but wondering if anyone has experienced this...

I switched to habitat last week (not going to do a subscription service) and have been working to get everything switched over. One thing I had with wink was a notification that popped up on my phone every time my garage door was opened or closed. Finally got to the point today where I had everything ready on habitat, so I pulled the plug on the wink.

However, even though the hub is unplugged, I am still getting these notifications. How is that possible?

My dad has the myq app on his phone that feeds him his notifications. Is it possible that it's something related to that?


Wink's MyQ integration never needed the Wink hub. It was a cloud integration. And, in any event, you won't be getting them after June 1st.


Good thought, as I had to look at it closely at first. It is wink, because I have now set up the myQ app to send me notificaitons, and I am getting both.

Ah. So I not actually getting the notifications from the hub? Didn't realize that. Thanks!