Still crashing on

So I run a lot of Shelly IP, custom https calls to other 3rd party devices and was running with no issues on long term. I upgraded early on with and 122 and had the same crash. So I went back to the old release (wife yelled at me). Now I'm trying to move up to and found this morning the Hubitat is in failure mode.

Something has changed in the way TCP calls are being handled and the capacity breaks down or runs out. I'm going to monitor this now better and I'll get more details. is not stable.

So in the past 2.3.3 release I have the following HubAction poll every 5 seconds... works just fine. no pending hub commands.

"new hubitat.device.HubAction([method: "GET", path: "/current_state.xml?pw=${denkovi_password}",headers: [HOST: "${internal_ip}:${internal_port}",]],null,[callback: parseResponse])

In 2.3.4 if a timeout occurs on polling...

dev:22972023-01-16 03:42:40.062 PMwarnconnect timed out

and I get increasing log entries....

dev:22972023-01-16 03:47:20.024 PMwarndevice 2297 has 9 pending hub commands
dev:22972023-01-16 03:47:35.021 PMwarndevice 2297 has 10 pending hub commands
dev:22972023-01-16 03:48:05.021 PMwarndevice 2297 has 11 pending hub commands
dev:22972023-01-16 06:00:00.134 PMwarndevice 2297 has 402 pending hub commands

and never flushes.... and breaks automation.

@gopher.ny ??

Most of us are running and it's fine for us. That said are you running a static ip or DHCP? Start with pressing the reset button on the bottom of the hub with a toothpick or paper clip (only round hole out of all the square ones) for 7 seconds. This will reset the network settings in case something is wrong. I would also restore the previous days db just to ensure you don't have corruption going on.

Do you have a link to the device driver? is now available. It may fix the problem.