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I meant the price of the individual components, not that of the HE box itself. The price seems reasonable for the capabilities that you get in the HE box. I've been pretty impressed so far how modular that it is. In fact I'm surprised there's not a subscription fee, or a premium tier, on top of the price of the box.

I will be getting more Zigbee and Z-Wave devices, I just don't want to throw my existing devices out if I can avoid it. I'm off to a good start with Tasmota, just need to get it dialed in now.

But for things like door sensors and motion detectors, and other things that are battery operated, WiFi is not a good option. You're going to be replacing or recharging batteries a lot more often using WiFi for these sensors, or the batteries will have to have higher capacity, thereby making the sensors larger. There's not really a low power option for WiFi. Yes, I know companies do make WiFi sensors but I just don't think they're an ideal technical solution. IMO, and $0.02.

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@Brons2 tasmota can now be done over the air using tuya convert. I was more afraid of damaging my plugs when prying them open then doing soldering. For switches and not dimmers or Dimmable bulbs, try this

The community might have something else, too.

You might also try creating a simulated alexa switch. It works with hubitat

And have alexa trigger a routine when the contact sensor is turned on or off

If you go with tasmota, I have tried many options and have found which ones are better than others.

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Yes, I have already converted a couple of devices using OTA Tuya-Convert on my Linux laptop. Then I install @Markus HE8.3.1 firmware to get it on Hubitat.

Why can I not reply to the following thread:

I found that Ecolink Zigbee door/window sensors model 4655BC0-R are detected and work as a Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor, but are not listed as compatible in the list of compatible devices.

*The system detects them as a Generic Zigbee motion sensor, but if you change the type to Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor, they work perfect.

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Is the Reply button grayed out or something else?
@bobbyD will get u sorted in time.


I PM'ed him and got it straightened out. I can now post there.

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