Step-down module

Hey everyone,

Im looking for a reliable Step-Down-Module 230V AC to 5V DC. I've found some modules for that, but I've nö Idea, how reliable those really are. Another idea I've had is using an old 5V DC plug, or better said the innere circuit. I was planing ob using those to smart up some older stuff of mine, using tasmota, but using one plug and the D1 Mini build in, controlling dry contact relays to switch my stuff.

Nice idea or to risky?

What I use is one of those extra wall power to usb that we have so many off. USB is 5v unless the device is odd. Then use a connector to break out the +5 and gnd wires.
Micro USB to DIP

Thought about that, too. I just was a little uncertain, about the safety. But, I'll use that. Thank you, for that. :smiley:

I use ESP32 which have the usb connector already - except for the ESP32-camera's. Never had a problem with power from the wall warts but they typically are only good for 0.5 to 3A so that may limit what else can be powered. Line powered USB hubs often have higher current options.

The connector isn't the problem. My main problem was building in a WiFi-Chip into an already existing machine, which uses mains power, without the need of two separate power connections (one for the original apparatus and on for the WiFi-board).

Well that is different from what I suggested. If you are constrained to one power supply then that supply needs to be modified or replaced. If you need mains and usb outputs then there are big ugly bricks - usually with 4 or more outlets.