Status of Australian Alexa skill?


It’s been nearly 2 months since the call for beta testers for the Australian Alexa skill. Is it still being worked on or is it stuck waiting to be approved?


Any updates on the Australian Alexa skill?

The lack of the Australian Alexa skill is holding me back from finishing my Hubitat setup.

Or if it’s going to take a while are you still accepting people for the beta?


The reply I got via private message is that they are having a hard time finding anyone to test it. I guess it’s a chicken and the egg situation.

I’m not really sure what needs to be tested, ie what is different in the AU version. But given that the market is obviously tiny I don’t know why they don’t just release it - how many people will be affected by it not working fully?!


Yep, I got the same message and said I'd be happy to test it. Just waiting for the beta invite email to enable the skill.

But fair point, they should just roll it out.

I also realized I switched all my amazon gear from US to AU after starting to setup Hubitat. So it confused the hell out of me for a bit.


Looking to purchase this hub soon, any further news on availability?
otherwise, will have to keep my echo on the US store


what's the advantage of making it on the AU store?


Amazon region-lock each skill. So by default if you sign up at then you get an AU Amazon account, and can only select from the Alexa skills that are presented to you. Hence unless we switch to a US account (and therefore lose access to AU specific skills provided by Australian companies) you can’t get the Hubitat skill. At all.


exactly @pjam73
1 downside to using the US store, is for adult verification. Some skills are kid orientated and need adult verification in the form of a credit card. The verification doesn't work with AU CC's as i have since found out.