Status column to rooms and devices

Love the new update with the addition of
status column to rooms and devices.
Is there any way you could center the column content

For me, the left-aligned text is OK as it is now ...

They're numbers, not labels, so right aligned would be best. :slight_smile:

Right is ok too. Left the numbers run into the DNI on android

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Yet, not all status options for display are numbers.

But if we're here asking for cosmetics, a sort on the Status Column would be nice. :upside_down_face:

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Mass update would be nice too. Maybe preference on device and then Preference Manager being able to update in bulk.


The latest HE platform update also added a new preference "Status attribute for Devices/Rooms" to all devices.
(screenshot from the Device driver)

There is also a new command "Get Parameter Value", most probably for Z-wave devices?

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what purpose does this serve? i’m confused? i have an issue where battery devices die and i have no warning via apple homekit. does this somehow fix that so i can see a “dead” or offline device warning now?

I think it's just intended to add a useful nugget of info to the Devices page.

I rarely use my Dashboards, but I'm often in-&-out of the Devices page doing stuff, so having a Battery value there (or whatever else) is a handy way to help keep an eye on things.

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